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Domaine Viticole

Making Wine Since 1730

Making good wine is a skill; making fine wine is an art

Château Guillotin

For when the wine is in, the wit is out

Chateau Guillotin has been producing distinctive wines for centuries and this tradition has been passed down from father to son until the present day. The Chateau Guillotin label is the original one which represents our organic red wines that have a full bodied, fruity taste with rich red forest fruit overtones.

Chateau Chevalier Daviaud

Chevalier Daviaud

Wine is life

Chevalier and Daviaud were the original family ancestors who planted the vines at Château Guillotin in 1730 and so, in their memory, we have selected several acres of the estate for the production of this wine.

This represents about a fifth of the overall production and is different in the respect that all of this wine is matured in new French oak barrels, in the traditional way, which gives it a distinctive mellow oaky flavour.

With the Enlightenment came many changes to the Saint-Émilion wine region. The exceptional quality of the it’s wines was recognised during the 18th century.

Demand from Flanders led to an increase in wine growing, because the quality of Saint-Émilion wines made it possible to transport them by boat due to the structure of the wine that allowed it to age well and withstand transit. Saint-Émilion wines owe this great quality to a generation of owners, who left their mark on this era by developing new wine growing methods.





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